Anthony Remensnyder - Leading Edge, an experience that did indeed "change my life"

October 7, 2016

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Tech Students,

 “It changed my life” is a phrase that is thrown around a lot to describe how an experience impacted an individual. At times this phrase is overused, or used dramatically. I assure you that the narrative that follows describes an experience that did indeed “change my life.” Those closest to me will tell you that I don’t sugarcoat nor do I blow things out of proportion- I simply tell things as they are.

Towards the end of 2015 Spring Semester, I realized I needed something different. I had been living life the same way each and every day. I was given more responsibilities in school and in my personal life that required that I lead others. The problem that arose is that I started to approach these opportunities to lead others the same way I had approached it all my life- I had not changed or grown at all. As I took on more challenging roles and responsibilities, I needed to find a way to further develop my skillsets and approach to each and every future experience. Around this time, my favorite professor recommended me to the Leading Edge (One-on-One Leadership Coaching) program, a program offered to all Georgia Tech students by the Leadership Education and Development Office at GT. Instantly, I gained a new level of introspection solely from the filling out the application for the program. It allowed me take a deep breathe and analyze my experiences thus far in my life and at GT- it’s rare to take time to hit the pause button and sit back and breathe at this Institution. But because of that very fact, I knew this program was what I had been seeking.

Over the course of this semester, I have been able to consistently take a step back and look at situations holistically. I have grown in areas where I thought I’d always stay the same, where I was too afraid to break down walls that had taken years to construct. Although I had always been self-analytical, I never truly developed action items that would help me develop and grow. Like I mentioned, I needed something different before this program, I had an itch to grow and expand upon my potential. When I started in the program, I found infinite amount of areas where I could grow, and I developed plans to do so indeed.

I can attribute all of this to my coach. I was paired with an amazing leader who could not only help me dissect situations and see what I could improve on for the better, she helped me better understand myself and how I emotionally respond to different situations- this has always been my greatest strength and biggest weakness. I was paired with the perfect coach who helped me develop tools to face so many challenges that arise in the life of a leader. Most notably, I developed a journal, where each week, I spend 30 minutes reflecting on 3 specific leadership experiences from that week. There are a number of steps I take to do this, but the end result and analysis has proven to help me respond to different situations better. I will without a doubt use this tool for the rest of my life.

The Leading Edge program has allowed me to see parts of myself I never even knew existed, it has challenged me everyday. It really has “changed my life.” The Leading Edge (One-on-One Leadership Coaching) program gave me an opportunity that transformed my college experience, an opportunity that I charge every GT student to explore.



Anthony Remensnyder, 3rd Year Business Administration Student

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